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2 to 4 Multi-Family Properties

Do you have a duplex? What about a triplex or quadruplex? What about a bigger Multi-family? We do them all.

However, 2 to 4 units are sold differently than 5 units and more. Four units and under are considered the first step to multi-family landlord hood. Unlike 5 units and more, you don’t need a commercial loan with a big down payment. 2 to 4 units are easier for most people to start their real estate empire. A lot of property owners live in one and rent the rest to help them pay for their mortgage. Because they are still considered residential, you can get a FHA loan or conventional home loan at a lower down payment.

When you decide to sell duplex, triplex or quadruplex there is a unique formula. It is not a single-family home, or a large apartment building. We specialize in 2 to 4 units and multi-family. If you sell or buy 2 to 4 unit property, we are happy to do a non-obligational appointment to see what would be right for you.

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